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Frauenkirche Dresden – More Beautiful Than Ever1 min read

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The most famous building in Dresden is Frauenkirche, the cathedral. It was destroyed during the Allied bombings, but has been rebuilt to its former glory.

The cathedral had been in decay since February 1945, but in the 1990s something happened. During the GDR regime, the cahtedral was a ruin allowed to stand as a reminder of the horrors of war, but after the German re-unification, voices were raised to restore the cathedral.

In 1994, a reconstruction was made possible by donations. When the church was re-opened in October 2005, the renovation had cost 140 million euros.

Between 1726-1743 took the original construction of the Frauenkirche place . The architect was named George Bähr.

Today shines the Frauenkirche in all its splendor and attracts all the year round many tourists. Although many cafes with great range are adjacent to the church. Café Emil Reimann can be recommended.

Martin Luther as a statue guards outside. Note the black rocks. They are from the original construction. The stones are black because the church is built of sandstone, which has the feature as it ages.

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