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Königssee – The Beautiful Crystal Clear Alpine Lake2 min read

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Königssee is a fantastic alpine lake in the German Alps, on the border with Austria. Königssee is largely covering Berechtesgaden National Park. Crystal clear water and stunning views are available here in overflow.

Königssee can be crowded in summer, but sharp elbows reward themselves. The lake could be taken from a fairytale, and a boat is the optimal way to experience Königssee.

Königssee is a long narrow lake that is about 7.7 kilometers long and 1.7 kilometers wide. The maximum depth is 190 meters, and with melt water from the Alps, this is no lake to swim in . Around the lake rises Alps as high as 2,700 meters.

One of the electric passenger boats.

With its clear water is Königssee rated as the cleanest lake in Germany. No industries or major cities is adjacent. Boat trips on the lake is very popular, and given to preserve water purity, only electric passenger boats are allowed.

One of the most fabulous houses in Schönau am Königssee.

For those who not like boating are excellent hiking trails. From village Königssee you can wander to pilgrim’s church St Bartholomew’s. The route passes through mountainous areas, and if you don’t have the physics, you need to go by boat – There are no roads to the church.

Schönau am Königssee.

Königssee is easy to reach via Schönau am Konigssee, which is located at the lake’s north side. From here there are daily boat trips and there is also a very large parking area.

Parking area.

As a beginner in the Alps this is an ideal destination. It’s well suited for a day trip from Salzburg. The distance between is just 40 kilometers.

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