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Huge And Abandoned Hotel In Moldova Creates Concern2 min read

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In the middle of Moldova’s capital, Chişinău, one of the city’s tallest buildings is a abandoned hotel. It is the skeleton of the formerly famous hotel “Hotel National”, where 15 floors and a basement today are completely deserted – to the homeless’s joy.

When the Soviet fell, Hotel National became the hotel that the first tourists in Moldova were accommodated on. Few thought then that this would be Moldova’s biggest ruin. A decline that began in 2006.

The idea, like so much in the former communist countries, was that the hotel should be privatized and then renovated.

The judiciary has not realized what actually happened, but the new owners got a valuable plot in the middle of the capital. Any total renovation that they promised at the time of purchase did not happen at all. Instead, the building was transformed into housing homeless, creating a complaint from residents in neighboring houses.

From the left: The election campaign for the communist party, in the middle is Hotel National and on the right a victory monument for World War II.

No one would ever stay at the fallen giant hotel. The building itself was built in 1978 and had the unofficial name “Hotel Intourist”.

That all this would be a corruption and legal scandal without its similar might be predetermined. Probably it will continue for a while. The last bid was that the hotel would be leveled with the land and then build luxury apartments on the site. The Communist Party, which is still Moldova’s largest party, would have priority access to the apartments.

Why nothing has happened is unclear. Since a year ago, the old hotel is guarded 24/7, making it difficult for me as uninvited to take other than exterior photos. At least this time …

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