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Explore the Swedish West Coast – Amazing views From the Island of Tjörn!1 min read

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Tjörn is an island on the Swedish West Coast and has a fantastic nature, but in summer it gets crowded. Instead, go here in the autumn.

In the autumn the population has fallen to 15,000 residents – down from 45,000 in the summer. This is Tjörn a beautiful autumn day.

After passing the bridge to Tjörn, the rocky landscape starts to dominate. With a little imagination it is like passing through a lunar landscape.

Sea fruits leaves traces.

Tjörn is a relatively large island, whose circumference is approximately 190 kilometers. Gothenburg is about an hour’s drive away.

“Pots” created by water and friction.

Skärhamn is the main town on the island and one of the few places that still have life and movement outside the summer months.

Blubber from a whale.

On sunny days in September and October is the temperature comfortable. The salty winds are mild.

“Pilane grave field” is one of Tjörn’s attractions which are not located close to the sea. Below we see a well-preserved petroglyphs nearby.

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