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Europe’s Worst Toilets – Real Examples1 min read

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As a tourist a toilet visit sometimes seems like a lottery. At the tourist facilities toilets are often well cleaned, but sometimes you have the misfortune to end up where you don’t want to be. Here are some shocking example of Europe’s foulest toilets.

If you dare, click for larger images.


Good opportunities for socializing, but cleaning and integrity are missing.


Over-used portable toilets have probably everyone experienced, and it’s not fun any time.


Certainly quite tidy, but why do everything end up on a “shelf”?


Airplane toilets are always vile, no matter in which country’s airspace you are.


Even Sweden must qualify on this list. Comments hardly needed.


A passenger train toilet which experienced its best days, but shows that necessity knows no law.


Typical in several countries in Europe, but can cause trauma first time you meet them.


Overcrowded portable toilets are one thing, but when freight got on the side of it’s really disgusting!

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