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The Miners Abandoned Houses1 min read

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In these abandoned houses lived the workers in the mine with their families. It was actually the company that owned the mine, which built houses. Today, they are totally empty.

The area on the images was completed in 1896 and was a great success in the fight against overcrowed living.

The houses were built from an English model and were designed by the mining company’s architects. The living space was approximately 50 square meters. In addition to this the families also received the tenant a woodshed, cellar and a small garden.

The houses had, for this time, a really low rent of only around 30 Euro cents per month, which even then was a very small part of the monthly salary. The houses were inhabited until the early 1960s.

Now they wait for renovation and are located in the small town of Grängesberg, Sweden.

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